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Combatting Borderline Personality Disorder with DBT

Firstly, we need to understand what DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) is – and what it intends to achieve. In order to do this, we must explore what Borderline Personality Disorder is. BPD is a type of metal health problem that can greatly affect your life. It is experienced by many people – effecting people at different levels of intensity. There are several  that you can read all about here BPD symptoms. DBT is an innovative treatment model that is used to combat BPD. It has grown significantly due to its widespread success in treating client groups whose emotional problems are particularly difficult to manage. DBT takes place in specialised environment, normally in either a therapeutic relationship or an institutional setting. DBT treats patients with a history of chronic suicidal behaviour and is deemed a unique, team-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that helps to feedback onto the therapists, driving positivity levels even higher. DBT is especially good as it can be tailored to the exact issues that are being addressed. This could include eating disorders, adolescents and substance misuse among a whole range of others. The programmes provide skills for training clients which often take place in a group format. Individual DBT psychotherapies enable clients to identify and solve problems in changing behaviours - and to support bringing the skills into competencies. The programmes work to enhance the skills of the therapists and ensure motivation levels are high, guaranteeing the highest quality output. A mandatory weekly consultation team meeting whereby therapists are given supervision and consultation on clinical work will mean that members of the programme will need to dedicate at minimum...

New breed of self-cleaning ‘smart’ windows could be here in three to five years

A new breed of windows could be on the market within the next three to five years. These special windows are being developed to combat a key issue with any window – cleaning. The cleaning of windows is hugely time consuming – and can cost business’ and households a fortune over the long run. The glass companies could work hand in hand with UK industry - construction and groundwork contractors across the country and move out to the rest of the world. University College London supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council have successfully produced prototype samples that confirm the window glass is fully functioning in three key areas. The three areas are the following: Self-cleaning, energy saving and anti-glare. Self-cleaning The glass that could be used for the windows is ‘ultra’ resistant to water, that would mean rain droplets hitting the surface is formed into spheres, rolling easily over the surface and taking the dirt away with them. This is possible through the pencil shaped nano-structures that are engraved into the glass, that traps air and ensure only minimal amounts of water can come into contact with the surface. A normal piece of window glass is not able to offer this, as raindrops cling to the surface and slide down slowly – which as we know leaves dirty marks behind. Energy saving During the colder months, the glass will put to use its coated film of vanadium dioxide. This material prevents heat loss. During the times where the weather can be too hot to handle, the material will work in the opposite way – preventing infra-red...

Accountants in Altrincham

If you are looking for experienced, highly trained chartered accountants in Altrincham, Greater Manchester you will be pleased to know that renowned accountants Salisburys have opened an office in Hale, Altrincham.

The Benefits of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is all about helping people and to shape the world to be a better and more functional place to live. Civil engineers are constantly switched on with new, innovative ideas to keep us powered up by supplying electricity and gas to our homes.

The UK’s Largest Prison is Well Underway

The North Wales Prison is set to be the largest prison in the UK and the second largest in Europe. Based on Wrexham Industrial Estate, the ‘super-prison’ which it has also been known as, has replaced the former Firestone factory with a £250 million contract that is well underway.

Expert Plumbers Merchants In North Wales

There is a lot of choice when it comes to plumbers merchants in North Wales but you will want to pick a high quality supplier, with a large stock and expert knowledge.

Richard Williams is a family run builder’s, plumbers and timber merchant with depots in

The Rise of Civil Engineering Contractors in the North West

Building, groundwork and civil engineering contractors in the North West are of high demand lately, with more projects starting for local communities which require more experienced staff. Projects can range from sea defence work with the use of rock armour, schools and other commercial buildings, residential works and even roadworks.

Surf’s Up For Snowdonia

No matter how hard you scrunch your eyes and try to picture Hawaii, the quintessentially icy climes of Snowdonia will never conjure up images of tiki statues and hula skirts. However, thanks to Conwy Adventure Leisure, the beautiful state’s most famous sporting export could be making a splash in North Wales very soon.

Festival Season Draws to a Close in North Wales

With tents packed up and hangovers defeated, another wonderful season for music festivals is over for north Wales. Plenty of big names were drawn to the region this summer with a plethora of fantastic performances to talk about.

The big daddy of the area is undoubtedly Wakestock: the marquee festival for extreme-sport enthusiasts and music lovers alike