How to Use Fire Extinguishers

Fire_TypesWhen purchasing fire extinguishers for an office, home or other environment it is useful to know a little about fire hazards and safety so that you buy the appropriate product.

There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers with different capacities and contents that have been designed to combat different fires, for example an electrical fire and an oil fire have different flammable combustibles and these will behave differently. Each will spread differently in varying environments and you would necessarily use the same methods to stop them.

In the UK we categorise fires into five types. Fires that involve normal combustibles such as wood or paper are called class A fires, fires with flammable liquids such as gasoline are class B fires, fires with flammable gases such as natural gas are class C fires, electrical fires are class E fires and any fires involving cooking oils and fats are called either class K or class F fires.

Fires extinguishers use different chemicals and fire suppression methods. Most work by suffocating a fire but this can be done in variety of ways, either using cooling chemicals, chemical barriers and various methods for removing oxygen from the fire.

Using the wrong extinguisher on an electrical fire could permanently damage your equipment and using the wrong extinguisher on a fat fire could have no effect or even make the fire worse so it is important to be familiar with how each work and what fires they were designed to combat.

Please click here if you are looking for helpful fire safety and fire extinguisher information that details the different extinguishers, how they work and which fire they are designed for. You will find useful diagrams and graphics to help you understand the different fires and how each extinguisher combats a fire. This information page make a great guide for teaching fire safety and you can buy all types of fire extinguishers direct from the site.

Fire Extinguishers – Using Them Safely

Fire ExtinguishersFire safety is extremely important and that is why it is mandatory that every work place has a fire extinguisher and why every home should have one too but how many people would really know how to use them in the case of a fire?

Health & safety has been so important in law to prevent accidents but most people simply tune it out as common sense or obvious. In the case of fire extinguishers you need to know how to use them under pressure i.e. when there is a fire hazard happening right in front of you but most people do not even realise that you cannot just use any fire extinguishers on any type of fire.

One of the biggest fire hazards is people’s ignorance. Fires are usually started by people and the spread of a fire can be caused by people not knowing how to respond to them. Most do not know that there are different kinds of fires that need to be combatted differently. A fat fire, commonly found in a kitchen behaves in a different way to a bonfire or electrical fire.

Different fire extinguishers have been developed to combat different fires in different situations. Foam fire extinguishers are what mainly spring to mind to the uninformed but they are just one of many extinguishers available and it is not a matter of preference because each type has been designed and tested to fight different kinds of fires.
Fires are categorised by the combustible materials at play. A Class A fire consists of ordinary combustibles like paper, wood or fabric. These are the kind of materials you would use in a bonfire and they tend to burn fairly slowly. Nearly everyone learns as a child that water puts out fires but only these simple fires with ordinary combustibles are appropriate to combat with a simple water fire extinguisher, there are plenty of other flammable materials that are much more dangerous.

Class B fires involve flammable liquids such as petrol or oil. Highly flammable liquids catch on fire more easily and burn more aggressively than regular combustibles like paper. You would not want to use a water extinguisher on this type of fire, a dry powder, foam or CO2 extinguisher would be more effective. Dry powder extinguisher work by smothering a fire since all fires need oxygen. Foam fire extinguishers solve this problem by separating the flames from oxygen with a chemical barrier while cooling the reaction. A CO2 extinguishers neutralises the oxygen in the surrounding air to starve a fire.

As you can see fire safety is not that straightforward and when you have to think on your feet this knowledge is invaluable. To learn about all 5 fire classes and which fire extinguisher is safe to use against read this Fire Extinguisher information page for a helpful guide.

Pipe expansion joints are an important feature of many applications

Metallic-Expansion-JointPipe expansion joints are used in systems and applications where a high temperature would be conveyed. They are used to support the overall process where steam, exhaust gases, movements and vibration may be present. Used within a range of industries, pipe expansion joints are very innovative systems used in pipes and pipelines in the likes of oil, petrochemical, construction, paper and many more industries.

We may also call pipe expansion joints ‘bellows’. They are used in pipe work where movement, thermal expansion and much more could pose a potential problem. The pipe expansion joints are made up of one of more convolutions, which are designed to move or expand to relieve the pressure and stress from the solid pipe.

The amount of movement or expansion within the application will determine the number and shape of convolutions required. Expansion joints can be manufactured from a range of materials, commonly made from stainless steel, PTFE and rubber.

Pipe expansion joints are also designed for other criteria, such as noise absorption, anti vibrations, earthquake movement and building settlement. Metal expansion joints have to be designed according to rules, ensuring safety regulations are met.

Manufactured in a number of ways, bellows are often designed to withstand temperatures from minus 300°F, up to 4000°F, as well as being able to resist at full vacuum or 2000 psig. Before the use of pipe expansion joints, engineers found themselves battling with the task of combating problems regarding thermal expansion, corrosion and abrasive factors that took effect on the functionality of various applications. Fabric joints can be used in a number of applications for turbines and pipelines, which can defend against resistance, heat and a number of other environmental factors.

Pipe expansion joints are crucial components in the pipe technology sector, which serves a huge number of industries that are used to counterbalance length changes that generally occur in pipelines from temperature changes that can also absorb vibrations. It is a cost effective solution to increase the life span, reliability and costs of many applications through equipment and process management.

The Sulphite Hangover

Natural wines natural wines have low sulphite content or are virtually sulphite free wines. You may not be aware of the health benefits of drinking natural wines over other kinds of wine.

Sulphite allergy is something which is not talked about enough. Do you get really bad hangovers when you did not even consume that much wine?

Alcohol could only be half the story!

You might have heard of the dangers of added sulphites in your food but have you considered their presence in your wine too?

Sulphites are hidden chemicals which are used in lots of food, and especially alcoholic drinks, such as beer, cider and wine. Wine in particular is something which often relies on sulphites as part of the winemaking process. If you get terrible hangovers and feel sick after even just a bit of these substances, you may have a sulphite allergy.

So, does this mean you have to give up the alcohol permanently? Wrong. After research on sulphites their affects have come to light and certain winemakers have made the point of producing low sulphite wine or ‘natural wines’.

Technically it is impossible to make sulphite free wine, because wine relies on sulphites, however a lot of the time sulphites are added to the wine to improve flavour, longevity, colour and overall appeal. This is often employed by cheap supermarket wines to cover up their low quality produce as a low cost shortcut to making nice wine.

Rather than reacting to any trace of sulphite, normally sulphites are a case of the more you have, the worse a reaction you get.

Sulphites are harmful anyway, even if you don’t suffer reactions, the chemical in large amounts can still cause considerable harm, you just do not know it is there. Salad bars in America used to cover their salads in sulphites, with people suffering terrible reactions; this inspired a crackdown on sulphites. However sulphites are still prevalent, just as much as ever, so be on the lookout and consider switching to natural wines. You will thank yourself the next morning!

Unconventional Uses for LED Lights

LED lights are becoming a popular choice for homeowners when it comes to selecting their light bulbs, as they have led lightsproven to be much more energy efficient, whilst maintaining an excellent brightness and quality of lighting.

However, LED lights are known to be extremely versatile, so their functionality makes them the perfect lighting solution for a whole host of different applications that can be found both in and out of the home! Led lights can be found in many forms including led rope lights, strip lights and led ribbon lighting to name a few.

LED Throwies

Admittedly, these may not have much of a purpose aside from looking fantastic, but it’s great to know how to make these (or at least know they exist for us at parties etc.) This type of LED art can be extremely beautiful and above – cool. Throwies consist of small LED’s attached to a coin battery and a tapped on magnet. The idea is to tape several lights together each of a different colour that can look really good! They are perfect for any type of party, or simply a decoration for your home!

LED Keyboards

LED’s can be installed inside keyboards, serving as a light beneath the keys which seeps through the gaps, giving the keyboard a very cool look. The lights installed beneath the keys can be all the same colour, or if you want something a little different, you can have a range of colours. Installing LED lighting into your existing keyboard may prove a difficult task for most, so purchasing keyboards that are already designed and fitted with lights beneath the keys is often the best selection for someone wanting a very aesthetically pleasing keyboard!

Light-emitting Wallpaper

Light emitting wallpaper is slowly becoming present in a very select amount of properties, as they can make for a hugely unique room with a very magical atmosphere. The back layer of the wallpaper is constructed by “sandwiching” a number of layers together that combine to produce the light. The back layer is a silver-based solution that conducts electricity, while the layer above this contains phosphorous pigments that light up. The layer above this is a flexible transparent ITO conductor layer, with regular wallpaper placed on the top, which acts as the outer visual layer. This light emitting wallpaper can be turned on and off, just like a regular light, making it extremely usable and potentially viable for those keen on the idea and with the wallpaper budget of a few thousand pounds!

Promoting Plant Growth

LED lights have been commended for their quality output and this has been recently put to the test on promoting plant growth. It has been suggested that this type of lighting is capable of matching the light spectrum needed to compliment photosynthesis. LEDs are flexible in which direction they are focusing on, so there is no need for reflective materials as they can be shined directly on the plants.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, or simply want something different, you could try making these LED illumination items yourself, or even buy some of them readily made.

Prepare your holiday home for winter

As the days get darker and the miserable weather approaches, winter can be harsh on holiday homes, potentially causing damages and break-ins by thieves. The onslaught of rain, wind, snow, floods and storms can take its toll on your holiday home, so it’s a good idea to know how you can leave it in the safest and most prepared condition.
Although your insurance may cover some of the potential damage and destruction, it takes time and effort sorting everything out and many general ‘wear and tear’ issues are not covered by insurance. Keeping your holiday home well maintained and ensuring that you have prevention strategies in place can lessen the chance of suffering damage and in turn, expensive repair bills.

What can you do to prepare your holiday home for the winter?

General maintenance and procedures

- Frost: frosty weather can cause all sorts of problems to a house, most commonly pipe bursts. Having a heating plan or leaving your heating on when the house is unoccupied can lower the chances of this happening dramatically.

- Insulation: Loft insulation can help lower your hating bills as it allows the house to retain its heat much more effectively. Insulating pipes and heating systems with covers is also a good way to help prevent issues.

- Allow heat into the loft: During extreme freezing temperatures, it is advisable to leave the loft hatch open, allowing the heat from the house to easily get into the loft and circulate around the loft and pipes.

- Boiler: A heating failure could cause all sorts of problems, including frozen and burst pipes. Servicing your boiler annually is the best way to avoid issues surrounding boiler failure.

- Drain heating system: Turning off the water won’t be enough for a property that is left for a long period of time. You need to have a plumber come and drain down the water and central heating system to remove the risk of damage.

- Roofing: Ensure you don’t have broken tiles on the roof, as they could fall off and damage property, or even injure someone. Broken tiles can also lead to water ingress, which is an annoying problem experienced by unprepared property owners.

- Gutters & drains: Check for leaks and clear drains/gutters of leaves and debris so that they are at a much lower risk of overflowing which can cause flooding and damp. Additionally, compiled rain water can cause freezing in cold conditions, so ensuring your drainage is working properly is important.

- Branches: Overhanging branches can fall off and cause damage. Make sure that anything that could be classed as out of place or overhanging should be trimmed away to make sure there are no accidents.

- Windows: Check for gaps around windows and ensure they are covered to prevent draughts into the property. Check for cracks and get them filled, and when you leave, makes sure windows and shutters are closed to prevent banging.

- Outbuildings: Make sure any outbuildings are secured in the same way you would with your property.

- Satellite dishes/ aerials: Ensure these are fixed securely as they could fall off or come loose, ruining your signal.

Against thieves

- Alarms: Installing an alarm at your home can stop thieves from entering your home.

- Don’t hide keys: Leaving keys under plant pots stones etc. are not recommended, as thieves know to check these places.

- Lock outbuildings: Expensive equipment can often be stored in these outbuildings, so ensure they are fully secured to avoid disappointment when you return.

-Security lighting: Making sure you have security lighting is important, as it deters thieves from your home as it increases the chance of them getting caught, Putting a radio or TV on timer is also a good way to deter them.

- Safe: Install a safe for your valuable belongings, so if you are broken into, you won’t lose the really important items you leave.

- Have a watchful eye: Asking a neighbour or nearby friend to keep an eye on your property is a good idea, as they can inform you of any problems quickly, allowing you to resolve them effectively.

Holiday homes are most vulnerable during the winter, but ensuing you have completed the steps within this article can be a huge help! A holiday homes mid Wales could be the perfect purchase or chance to book a festive getaway. By purchasing one, you enable yourself endless opportunities to visit a beautiful area and relax after those long working weeks.It is important to ensure your holiday home is appropriately insured for those factors you cannot prepare for.


Self Storage Selections and Loading Tips from White Self Storage in Middlewich

Choosing a self-storage facilitystorage Middlewich

There are a number of reasons why you may need to pack up all – or a lot of your belongings; including moving home, creating space for decorating, or packing up for a trip away. Depending on your circumstances and the amount of things you own, determines your requirements when it comes to storage for your belongings. In this article you will learn of some of the best facilities a self-storage company such as White Self Storage in Middlewich can offer, as well as tips on the best ways to pack up everything - and keep them stored in a safe and secure way.

The first thing you must consider is which self-storage facility to use? It’s always best to remember that you’re planning on storing your own belongings in a facility owned by someone else. The doubt that you may have in your mind about leaving your things in an area owned by a business will soon vanish - when you discover that should you select a reputable company, you will have top of the range security systems safe-guarding your items. Not only this, you will have a key that gives you any time access to your self-storage container, which also means you can come and go as you please.

When you select the self-storage company that you would like to use, you should have decided that the facility has adequate security measures that will enable you peace of mind whilst away from it. Should you want access to your storage container all around the clock, you should make sure the company can offer you access to your belongings whenever you may need it. When selecting your self-storage unit, you should make sure that you pick one that is of a suitable size – too small and you’ve just wasted your time and money!

A helpful feature incorporated into some of these storage containers, is the ‘climate control’ feature – allowing users to store upholstered items, business goods or even archive documents, as necessary measures will protect them all from potential damage. A good self-storage company will have no problems when it comes to pest control; most companies will tell you what measures they take to prevent vermin lodging in peoples storage units, so it shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. Quite often, people who are storing a large amount of things in these containers will require a larger storage space, as well as suitable access that could possible allow a large vehicle to get in close proximity of the unit, allowing drop off and loading process’ to be done in an effective manner.

Packing your belongings for self-storage

Many self-storage firms will offer you packing and transportation as an additional service, you will have to pay for this service. In most cases you’ll also be packing up yourself, meaning you will have to have a good think on how to do it in the most effective and easiest way. Doing this in a good way is important, as one of the advantages of using self-storage means you can access and retrieve your belongings whenever you like, so packing up yourself will be the easiest way to know where everything is!

Tips for packing your belongings up:

  • Use good quality storage boxes
  • Box up everything you can – things left loose or with no ‘place’ are at risk of becoming lost, damaged and dirty
  • Fill boxes so that they are used in an effective and efficient manner – fill them with items that can be categorized with one another, and don’t under or over fill boxes
  • Label boxes clearly so that when you come back to it, you are able to identify where certain items are kept, should you need to collect them at a later time
  • Do not fill boxes with heavy items; boxes will quickly become very heavy and will be hard to move about, as well as become at risk to breaking, causing unwanted damages
  • Avoid packing your items into plastic bags, as humidity can cause mold etc.
  • Do not store wet items in your container, as they can cause water damage, mold and mildew
  • Make sure household appliances have had the sufficient process’ completed before they are stored, such as; fridges/freezes been defrosted before storing
  • Electrical products such as televisions, radios etc. are at risk of damage, so make sure they are packed back into their original boxes, or boxes the right size
  • Make sure all items are clean and sealed into boxes to ensure their safety

Organizing your self-storage unit

At this stage of the process, it’s important to have a good idea of how you are going to organize your belongings into the storage unit. The size of the unit is determined by price, meaning the more you pay, the bigger it will be. If you have selected your unit size correctly, you should be able to fit everything you need into it, with just enough space to be able to effectively access everything inside the unit. You don’t want to be hiring the wrong sized unit, as too large will mean wasted space and money, whereas too small will mean you’ll have not enough space!

A few basic tips you should remember:

  • Place protective sheets or boards down to prevent placing items on a dirty floor. You may also prevent damages to the floor with your heavy belongings
  • Use trolleys and machinery to lift heavy items into and out of the containers should it be necessary
  • A general rule of thumb is to store your largest items into the container first
  • Always place heavier boxes at the bottom if you are stacking

Place the frequently used or likely required short term items in storage at the front, so you can quickly grab them

  • Fill hollow units; wardrobes, drawers, washing machines and fridges should be filled with items, to ensure you get the most from your space

Should you incorporate the tips and ideas found within this article, you should be well on your way to getting the most from your storage container. White Self-Storage are a reputable company that offers the ultimate self-storage container service, with great prices and a fantastic range of security features that will keep your belongings safe at any one of the many sites they can offer to store you goods. Check out their website to find the closest storage site to you!

The Beauty of Motorhome Hire Holidays

motorhome hireWhat better way to get away than roaming around in your very own motorhome? Motorhome hire provides you with the freedom to explore the country with the essence of living in the comfort of your own home whilst on the road.

When completing a motorhome hire, you have the opportunity to roam free around the country or even further afield to Europe, all in the comfort of a safe living space. You’re not tied down to expensive hotels or resorts with curfews and restrictions, you can change your plans at any point to suit you and take a different driving route with no tour guide telling you otherwise. You can even take the uncomfortable events of sleeping in tents on wet and cold terrain to a night of luxury with your own heating, bed and running water.

If the sheer thought of driving a motorhome worries you due to the large sizes that are available, do not fear. Motorhomes are available to hire in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs and requirements. If you’re taking on an adventure solo, as a couple or as a family, there are a number of motorhomes available to accommodate the number you need.

Travelling in a motorhome with the freedom to do whatever and go wherever you like is a great feeling, but even better when you are provided with a variety of facilities that make travelling long distances bliss. Most motorhome hires come with double size beds, running water (a luxury which others can’t enjoy when on the road), fridge, cooker and a TV/DVD for those nights in to take time to reflect and relax after a tiring day of travelling.

A fully functional motorhome which includes these facilities is all you need in order to take on an adventure of a lifetime and turn a dream holiday into reality with ease. The spacious interior of your luxury ride provides an area for passengers to play games and activities when on the move, which makes enduring long journeys on the road a pleasure instead.

If you’re thinking of a trip to North Wales, a motor home is an ideal way to explore the array of attractions and stunning destinations on offer. You can park at the foot of one of the many mountains of Snowdonia, get your hiking boots on and explore, then return to a cosy ‘home away from home’ and enjoy your evening ahead.

Storage solutions in the Middlewich area

Using a company that offers solutions to your storage problems is the perfect way to store your belongings in a secure white self storage middlewichplace for as long as you may need. Maybe you are moving house or redecorating? Or are you having a clear out or recovering from a big flood in your property? You could be quite simply moving away for a bit. Any of these reasons plus hundreds more mean that a company that offers storage containers could be a valuable service to you.

Storage container provide a temporary solution to your situation, meaning you can get things finished, sorted or started whilst your stuff is safely out of the way for a bit. The containers you can use are suitable for most items, with power being an option for certain containers, should it be necessary. Seals on containers are usually water tight, meaning nothing will get wet at all and will remain the way you left them.

Using storage containers is a very easy and practical way to solve many issues. When you have booked your container, it is important to get things moving. You should make sure you have suitable packaging and boxes that you may require when getting all of your belongings together. Organizing how you are going to pack things up and getting the materials to do so is an important part of an effective process. By labeling boxes and cases accurately and placing the corresponding items in them, will make it a whole lot easier to unpack once you have fini8shed using the storage containers.

White Self Storage Middlewich has a range of different sites that are located across the North Wales and Cheshire area and offer a secure and competitive service that looks after you belongings through various security measures, including CCTV all around the clock.



History of Hairdressers

Early barbers were cross occupied with dentist and surgeon roles, which hairdressers bangorwere represented by the famous, red and white striped pole, which showed that they practiced bloodletting on those who required it. In early barber shops, men would gather to get a clean shave and good chop, where they would also discuss world affairs and daily news.

Barbers were always considered to be very skillful people and were highly valued, with ancient Greek and Rome civilians in pursuit of the clean shaven look. Barbarians were always known for their scruffy long beards that were easy to be grabbed by the enemy when they went to battle. This was a problem in battle as it allowed opponents to grab the barbarian’s beards and control them to the ground or elsewhere before slaying or further fighting them. Alexander the Great supposedly ordered all of his men to shave so they did not suffer any of these disadvantages. In 1096, French barbers joined together to form an official association of barber-surgeons following a degree by an archbishop that started to outlaw the growing of beards.

This was when the respect towards barbers increased, as medicine was being developed in a separate field, barbers were given a certain academic status of their own as ‘surgeons of the short robe’. This allowed barbers to receive teaching in special schools that were set up for their instruction and development. Over the main cities of the world, there were being special educational places developed for the development and increased volume of barbers, with the demand growing more and more as years went by. Within 200 years, barbers were being accepted into the University of Paris and they were able to enjoy professional and academic status until the eighteenth century.

During the time barbers went through this, women were responsible for keeping and dressing their hair themselves, with the common use of braiding and tidy twisting, platting and other techniques to often keep their hair in place under head gear. The seventeenth and eighteenth century saw a huge increase of demand for hair ids, where both men and women started to use wigs made by very skilled wig makers in order to get the desired image they were after. Although wig wearing and making was very popular, it soon died out in the nineteenth century, when the tax on hair powder was introduced. This again made ladies take responsibility of dressing and managing their own hair again, shortly until the introduction of salons came into force, where there was a huge demand and shortly followed spread of salons dotted all over the country, allowing the women to let others wash, cut and dress their hair to a latest style or trend.

In this day and age we are not short of local, quality hairdressing  salons such as TH1 Hairdressers Bangor which is a well established hairdressers  also offering beauty treatments at competitive prices.