The Sulphite Hangover

The Sulphite Hangover

Natural wines
have low sulphite content or are virtually sulphite free wines. You may not be aware of the health benefits of drinking natural wines over other kinds of wine.

Sulphite allergy is something which is not talked about enough. Do you get really bad hangovers when you did not even consume that much wine?

Alcohol could only be half the story!

You might have heard of the dangers of added sulphites in your food but have you considered their presence in your wine too?

Sulphites are hidden chemicals which are used in lots of food, and especially alcoholic drinks, such as beer, cider and wine. Wine in particular is something which often relies on sulphites as part of the winemaking process. If you get terrible hangovers and feel sick after even just a bit of these substances, you may have a sulphite allergy.

So, does this mean you have to give up the alcohol permanently? Wrong. After research on sulphites their affects have come to light and certain winemakers have made the point of producing low sulphite wine or ‘natural wines’.

Technically it is impossible to make sulphite free wine, because wine relies on sulphites, however a lot of the time sulphites are added to the wine to improve flavour, longevity, colour and overall appeal. This is often employed by cheap supermarket wines to cover up their low quality produce as a low cost shortcut to making nice wine.

Rather than reacting to any trace of sulphite, normally sulphites are a case of the more you have, the worse a reaction you get.

Sulphites are harmful anyway, even if you don’t suffer reactions, the chemical in large amounts can still cause considerable harm, you just do not know it is there. Salad bars in America used to cover their salads in sulphites, with people suffering terrible reactions; this inspired a crackdown on sulphites. However sulphites are still prevalent, just as much as ever, so be on the lookout and consider switching to natural wines. You will thank yourself the next morning!