Wireline Logging Services Are Expected to Grow in 2020

Wireline Logging Services Are Expected to Grow in 2020


There are a number of services in high demand globally and wireline logging is one of them. There is a growing interest in the service, which is being driven by a number of factors. This includes an increase in exploration, production activities and also an increased expenditure from oil and gas companies worldwide. This is all down to finding new areas of unconventional resources.

The oil and gas industry requires wireline logging services for its complete lifecycle in order to complete a number of activities such as drilling, exploration and stimulation. Simply put, wireline consists of a single filament of metal wire with a diameter that ranges between 0.105” and 0.130”.

Wireline services are a cabling technology that are used by gas wells and oil operators and used for lowering measurement equipment and devices to evaluate reservoir, pipe recovery and fluid identification.

Predominantly, North America had the highest market for this service which resulted in numerous operators being based there. Factors that have driven the U.S market over time have been new and unconventional hydrocarbon recovery, but also favourable regulations based in the U.S.

Today the market in the United States has reached a level of maturity, which means a number of other regions are displaying a growth rate that looks promising. This is because of the exploration and the identification of new reserves and oilfields.

The market for wireline services is also categorised in a number of other ways as: well completion, well intervention, and well logging. This is also on the basis of technology used such as electric line and slick line. The latter is used to adjust valves, reorder wellbore equipment and also repair tubes within the wellbore.

One example of an advantage to the gas market as a whole, in addition to the wireline market, is that natural gas is a transitional fuel. This adds to the reason that it acts as a chain between renewable energy and conventional resources.