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Expert Plumbers Merchants In North Wales

There is a lot of choice when it comes to plumbers merchants in North Wales but you will want to pick a high quality supplier, with a large stock and expert knowledge.

Richard Williams is a family run builder’s, plumbers and timber merchant with depots in

The Rise of Civil Engineering Contractors in the North West

Building, groundwork and civil engineering contractors in the North West are of high demand lately, with more projects starting for local communities which require more experienced staff. Projects can range from sea defence work with the use of rock armour, schools and other commercial buildings, residential works and even roadworks.

Surf’s Up For Snowdonia

No matter how hard you scrunch your eyes and try to picture Hawaii, the quintessentially icy climes of Snowdonia will never conjure up images of tiki statues and hula skirts. However, thanks to Conwy Adventure Leisure, the beautiful state’s most famous sporting export could be making a splash in North Wales very soon.

Festival Season Draws to a Close in North Wales

With tents packed up and hangovers defeated, another wonderful season for music festivals is over for north Wales. Plenty of big names were drawn to the region this summer with a plethora of fantastic performances to talk about.

The big daddy of the area is undoubtedly Wakestock: the marquee festival for extreme-sport enthusiasts and music lovers alike

Increase in Demand for Industrial Connectors

The market for industrial connectors is vibrant with applications from heavy equipment, industrial automation and process control to civil engineering and robotics. There’s a significant growth across a variety of sub-sectors such as marine and industrial vehicles, which are being driven by the increased use of electronic systems.

North Wales Catering Equipment Technology

Providing superior Welsh cuisine means employing the most skilled chefs in the region but also utilising the best catering equipment technology available.

When you are operating a busy professional kitchen it is not enough to have cooking skills, because you need to supply a consistently high quality result to a large number of people quickly and at short notice.

£2.3 billion Investment in Flood & Coastal Erosion for 2015-2021

The development of coastal defence throughout the UK is crucial in order to protect local communities from damages, which occur from torrential weather. Between now and March 2021, the government is set to invest £2.3 billion in more than 1,500 projects across the UK. The programme of work this generous funding will be supporting will reduce flood risk for more than 300,000 households by 2021. Households at risk will begin to benefit from improved forecasting, mapping, telemetry and flood warnings to help prevent further damage at an earlier stage. This will also create more work and potential job growth for defence contractors in the UK. The Chancellor of the Exchequer agreed to bring forward £60 million of the £2.3 billion budget, which was announced in the Autumn Statement back in 2014. Initially, the Environmental Agency (EA) was to allocate this portion of the funding over the next 6 years, but instead will be able to access it over the next four years. Flood and coastal erosion risk projects that have better management, could also free up around £80 million of the overall budget over the duration of the funding. This has allowed EA to allocate over £140 million from within the existing budget, to schemes taking place until 2021. Making this funding available sooner and compiling the savings from better project management has a positive impact and in total 212 projects will benefit from these results. Additional benefits include: 47 new projects are now placed in the six year programme 80 projects will be able to start at least three years earlier than originally planned 165 projects already in the...

How to Use Fire Extinguishers

When purchasing fire extinguishers for an office, home or other environment it is useful to know a little about fire hazards and safety so that you buy the appropriate product. There are many different kinds of fire extinguishers with different capacities and contents that have been designed to combat different fires, for example an electrical fire and an oil fire have different flammable combustibles and these will behave differently. Each will spread differently in varying environments and you would necessarily use the same methods to stop them. In the UK we categorise fires into five types. Fires that involve normal combustibles such as wood or paper are called class A fires, fires with flammable liquids such as gasoline are class B fires, fires with flammable gases such as natural gas are class C fires, electrical fires are class E fires and any fires involving cooking oils and fats are called either class K or class F fires. Fires extinguishers use different chemicals and fire suppression methods. Most work by suffocating a fire but this can be done in variety of ways, either using cooling chemicals, chemical barriers and various methods for removing oxygen from the fire. Using the wrong extinguisher on an electrical fire could permanently damage your equipment and using the wrong extinguisher on a fat fire could have no effect or even make the fire worse so it is important to be familiar with how each work and what fires they were designed to combat. Please click here if you are looking for helpful fire safety and fire extinguisher information that details the different extinguishers, how they...

Fire Extinguishers – Using Them Safely

Fire safety is extremely important and that is why it is mandatory that every work place has a fire extinguisher and why every home should have one too but how many people would really know how to use them in the case of a fire? Health & safety has been so important in law to prevent accidents but most people simply tune it out as common sense or obvious. In the case of fire extinguishers you need to know how to use them under pressure i.e. when there is a fire hazard happening right in front of you but most people do not even realise that you cannot just use any fire extinguishers on any type of fire. One of the biggest fire hazards is people’s ignorance. Fires are usually started by people and the spread of a fire can be caused by people not knowing how to respond to them. Most do not know that there are different kinds of fires that need to be combatted differently. A fat fire, commonly found in a kitchen behaves in a different way to a bonfire or electrical fire. Different fire extinguishers have been developed to combat different fires in different situations. Foam fire extinguishers are what mainly spring to mind to the uninformed but they are just one of many extinguishers available and it is not a matter of preference because each type has been designed and tested to fight different kinds of fires. Fires are categorised by the combustible materials at play. A Class A fire consists of ordinary combustibles like paper, wood or fabric. These are the kind...